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  • Montmelo Tickets Formel-1 GP Spanien und motogp-Karten GP Katalonien

  • Formel 1 Eintrittskarten Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya

  • Eintrittskarten Grosser Preis von Spanien der Formel-1

  • Rennstrecke Montmelo - Tickets für den motoGP Katalonien

  • Grosser Preis der Formel 1 von Spanien auf der Barcelona-Rennstrecke

  • Haupttribüne und Paddock der Rennstrecke Circuit Barcelona-Catalunya

  • Formel 1 Tickets Spanien GP – Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya

  • Rennstrecke Montmelo F1 Tickets & MotoGP tickets, Circuit Barcelona-Catalunya

  • Formel 1 Rennen des Grossen Preises von Spanien in Montmelo

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MontmeloTickets.com, Premium Agency - Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya


Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya
billetterie officielle du Circuit de Barcelone-Catalogne

lokaler Standort, globaler Service

kompetent und zuverlässig, seit 1989!

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MontmeloTickets.com, Premium Agency - Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya


Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya
billetterie officielle du Circuit de Barcelone-Catalogne

lokaler Standort, globaler Service

kompetent und zuverlässig, seit 1989!

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Unsere (im Moment) auf englisch abgefassten Standard-Bedingungen sind mit Google-Traduktor oder einem anderen im Internet zu findenden Übersetzungsprogramm einfach und gratis ins Deutsche zu übersetzen.


If you are unclear about any aspect of the terms and conditions then please contact us and we will be happy to answer any queries you have.

montmelotickets.com is: a product of licensed IATA Travel Agency Suitours S.A.
you or your is: the lead name in the booking
us, our or we is: montmelotickets.com/Suitours S.A.
supplier is: the event or accommodation supplier


  1. You accept financial responsibility for all transactions made under your name or account.
  2. In order to make a purchase you must be over 18 years old be purchasing for yourself and have the legal capacity to make the transaction.
  3. You must make sure that all the information you provide to us is true and accurate.
  4. You must not use the website for speculative, false or fraudulent bookings.
  5. This contact agreement is between you and Suitours S.A. and is governed by the laws of Spain. Exclusive jurisdiction: Arenys de Mar/Spain.
  6. These terms and conditions shall be deemed severable. In the event that any term is deemed to be unenforceable or invalid, such term shall nonetheless be enforced to the fullest extent permitted by applicable law, and such determination shall not affect the validity and enforceability of any other remaining terms.
  7. All rights reserved.
  8. The F1 FORMULA 1 logo, F1, FORMULA 1, FIA FORMULA ONE WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP, GRAND PRIX and related marks are trade marks of Formula One Licensing BV, a Formula One group company. All rights reserved.
  9. MOTOGP is a registered trademark of Dorna Sports S.L.
  10. “Act 5/2012 of 20 March on Fiscal, Financial and Administrative Measures and the establishment of the accommodation tax in tourist establishments, stipulated that for any overnight stay carried out in Catalonia as from 1 November 2012 - modified in July 2020 - the payment of the accommodation tax in tourist establishments shall be due. In accordance with the provisions of the above mentioned law, the person having an overnight stay in Catalonia shall proceed to pay this tourist tax to the establishment, which will have to deliver the corresponding invoice or a similar document”.
    The following tariffs will be applied per person:
    ...a) 5 stars Hotels, grand luxe and cruises: 3,85 Euros / 3,30€ remaining Catalonia
    ...b) 4 stars Hotels and 4 stars superior: 1,87€ in the city of Barcelona / 1,32€ remaining Catalonia
    ...c) Other hotels and establishments: 1,10€ in the city of Barcelona / 0,66€ remaining Catalonia
    - This tax will be applied to a maximum of 7 nights.
    - This tax will not be applied to persons aged under 16 years.

Race Tickets

  1. Tickets will be sent to the registered or given address by the customer.
  2. Tickets may neither be returned nor exchanged unless previously agreed with you in writing by Suitours S.A.
  3. As a ticketing agent we do not have any role in determining seat locations. Upon receipt, please check the details of your tickets as mistakes cannot always be rectified. The ticket holder has a right only to a seat of a value corresponding to that stated on the ticket and the Supplier reserves the right to provide alternative seats to those specified on the ticket.
  4. Tickets are sold subject to the terms and conditions of the Supplier, and the additional terms and conditions of Suitours S.A.
  5. In exceptional circumstances, the Supplier may reserve the right to make minor alterations to the advertised arrangements and to request latecomers to await admission until a convenient break, but admission cannot always be guaranteed.
  6. It is your responsibility to check whether an event, performance or time has been cancelled or rescheduled. Suitours S.A. will use its reasonable efforts to contact you in the event of cancellation once we have received the relevant authorization from the Supplier.
  7. The Supplier reserves the right to refuse you admission if in its reasonable opinion, your admission to the organization might be a risk to (a) the safety of the audience and/yourself; and/or (b) affect the enjoyment of members of the audience; and/or (c) affect the running of the event, performance or taskTimer for example if you act aggressively and/or appear to be under the influence of drink and/or drugs. Should this occur you will not be entitled to a refund.
  8. Events may be cancelled or postponed by the Supplier for a variety of reasons. In this event, Suitours S.A. will not be held responsible for any such cancellations or postponements.
  9. You should be entitled to a full refund from the Supplier if the event is cancelled, rescheduled or if there is a material change to the subject matter of the ticket contract that is what you have contracted to see. Please contact us for information on receiving a refund from the Supplier. Please note we may require you return to us your ticket un-defaced in its original state for you to receive a refund, and failure to do so may forfeit your entitlement to a refund of any description.
  10. Handling and delivery charges may not be refundable if a refund is provided.
  11. In the event of breach of the contract by the Supplier, the Supplier shall not be liable for any loss, damage, cost or expense arising out of the breach which was not reasonably foreseeable by the Supplier at the date of the contract for the sale of tickets, except in respect of death or personal injury resulting from any act or omission on the part of the Supplier.
  12. If your ticket is re-sold or transferred for profit or commercial gain by anyone other than Suitours S.A. the event promoter or organization or one of their authorized sub-agents, it will become voidable and the ticket holder may be refused entry or ejected from the organization.
  13. Each organization has its own rules including the use of photographic and recording equipment, dogs, food and drink. It is your responsibility to check these with the organization and you must abide by all the organizations conditions.
  14. Ticket holders consent to filming and sound recording as members of the audience.
  15. The ticket holder must comply with all relevant statutes, organization regulations and safety announcements whilst attending the event.
  16. Motorsport events can be dangerous. Suitours S.A. cannot accept responsibility for any injury, loss, or cost as a result of attending the event. You attend at your own risk and any disputes must be taken up directly with the event organizer.
  17. Where an age restriction applies for an event this will be indicated during the ticket booking process and confirmed on your booking confirmation. Please ensure that you carry proof of age if appropriate as Suitours S.A. can in no way be held liable for failure to comply with age restrictions imposed by the supplier and any subsequent action taken against such failure.
  18. Transport to the circuit is not included in the package.


  1. Payment must be made in Euros. The payment amount and currency are clearly stated on the checkout and booking pages and cannot be disputed unless a genuine mistake exists in the pricing.
  2. Failure to supply the correct credit card billing address information and/or cardholder details may result in delays to the issue of your tickets and may make the total booking cost subject to increase. We also reserve the right to cancel tickets after issue if payment is declined or incorrect cardholder details and billing information have been supplied. Further, in an effort to minimize the effects of credit card fraud, we reserve the right to carry out random checks, including checks of the electoral roll, and may request you to either fax or post to us proof of your address and a copy of the credit card and recent statement before issuing any tickets.
  3. All prices are inclusive of any applicable VAT.
  4. Bookings must be paid for in full within the period of payment stated on the last screen of the online order and also on the first email email after the order. This time limit, usually 48 hours, is reduced to 24 hours during the last week of the early bird period and the last 15 days prior to the event. Suitours S.A. has the right to resell tickets and cancel orders if payment is not made according to the conditions.
  5. If an order is placed at the end of the early bird period, please note that payment must be on our account BEFORE the early bird period is over (deadline 18:00h of the last day)!
  6. Once a ticket is paid changes and cancellation are not possible anymore.
  7. All payments by PayPal with a total amount over 750 Euros require a surcharge of 3,62% which must be paid in addition to the total amount of the order. Note: the first 750 Euro are free of surcharge.
  8. If prices change on a paid booking before it is confirmed, Suitours S.A. reserve the right to request the additional cost or refund you in full.


  1. Confirmation is defined as the point at which we place your booking with our supplier(s). Once this has occurred we will send you an email to advise you of this. Either a delay or failure to receive the email does not constitute as an unconfirmed booking.
  2. A successful payment to Suitours S.A. does not guarantee your booking will be secured. Only when your payment is fully cleared we will attempt to confirm your booking. Any material from Suitours S.A. that implies payment clearance will lead to a confirmed booking is done for the purposes of explanation and because this is the normal process.
  3. If we are unable to fulfill your booking request, we will contact you to advise you of the situation. At this point we will give you the option of amending your booking or obtaining a full refund if applicable.
  4. It is your responsibility to monitor the status of your order. Failure to receive correspondence from Suitours S.A. after an order has been placed does not guarantee a void order and so you must clarify any order queries with Suitours S.A.


  1. Delivery is made using DHL, UPS or similar trustful courier providers. Delivery is made at your own risk and the delivery contents are not insured.
  2. As part of Grand Prix anti-fraud measures, sometimes tickets are not made available until 2-3 weeks prior to the event. We will dispatch tickets as soon as we receive them, but cannot be held responsible for any external problems or delays regarding the delivery date.
  3. An email will be sent to the email address supplied by you when tickets have been dispatched. It will be the your responsibility to make sure you are available to sign for the delivery at the registered customers billing address and failure of such acceptance including subsequent consequences from this failure can no way be attributed to Suitours S.A.
  4. If it becomes impractical to deliver tickets, due to the proximity of an event or in circumstances beyond our control, we reserve the right to make tickets available for collection at the organization immediately prior to the event. You will be notified by telephone, email or in writing (using the details provided at the time of booking) if this becomes necessary.
  5. Lost, stolen damaged or defaced tickets after dispatch will be your responsibility and no refunds will be made whatsoever.
  6. A surcharge of 20 Euros on total amount of the order will be applied for shipment when the delivery destination location is remote. Remote is defined (by the shipping company) as islands and highlands; or a post code/zip code that is difficult to serve; or a suburb/town that is distant, inaccessible or infrequently served. If the customer does not accept this surcharge, we are allowed to change the delivery mode and the tickets will be sent by Post.
  7. Our courier supplier has a surcharge for incorrect addresses. This fixed surcharge is applied to any shipment that has an incorrect delivery address at the time of pickup and the delivery cannot be fulfilled after making efforts at the destination to determine the correct address. The Address Correction surcharge applies to domestic and international shipments.

Site Usage

  1. This site and any content may not be modified, copied, transmitted, distributed, sold, displayed, licensed, or reproduced in any way by you, except if you wish to make copies of the website for your own personal and non-commercial use.
  2. All information on this site is for guidance purposes only. Whilst we make every effort to provide useful information, we make no guarantees that the written and visual media is accurate or up-to-date. It is your responsibility to confirm any details relating to your booking prior to placing your order with Suitours S.A. If you need more accurate information such as official circuit diagrams then please contact us and we will do our best to help.
  3. If an honest error has been made with displayed ticket prices on our website, we reserve the right to ask you for the difference in payment before confirming an order, releasing tickets, or reserve the right to cancel the order.
  4. Whilst reasonable efforts are made to protect security and your privacy, no guarantees can be made. Suitours S.A. accepts no responsibility for a third part gaining unauthorized access to customer data or the consequences of such an attack.


  1. Additional terms and conditions may apply to reservations and other uses of portions of our website and you agree to abide by such other terms and conditions.
  2. This site is provided as a shopping resource by Suitours S.A. The site is provided on an as is basis. Suitours S.A. makes no express or implied warranties of any kind relating to the provision of information or service on or by this site. Suitours S.A. will not be liable for any damages of any kind arising from the use or misuse of this site or any of the information contained within it.
  3. We reserve the right to make changes to this site, disclaimers, and terms and conditions at any time.
  4. All services and motogp experiences are subject to local health and safety guidelines.
  5. The information on this website and/or messages via email and/or other media is subject to change by the circuit and/or event promoter without prior notice.