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  • Formel 1 Tickets Spanien GP – Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya

  • Rennstrecke Montmelo F1 Tickets & MotoGP tickets, Circuit Barcelona-Catalunya

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Tribüne M Motorrad GP Barcelona 2023

  • Montmelo ticket Tribüne <b>M</b> <br />GP Barcelona Circuit de Catalunya
    Montmelo ticket Tribüne M
    GP Barcelona Circuit de Catalunya
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MotoGP ticket Circuit de Catalunya Montmelo - Grandstand M

The covered Grandstand M is located on the outside of the Seat Hairpin corner entry. From the Repsol Corner the cars accelerate downhill on a short straight up to about 240km/h in 5th gear, before breaking down to 90km/h for the 2nd gear Seat Hairpin. This hairpin, the slowest corner on the circuit, provides definite overtaking opportunities under hard braking. This grandstand brings you very close to the racing bikes and also offers you some main straight sections and Elf Corner views.


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  • Empfohlener Parkplatz: D

SÜD Zone (Area SUR) - Plan der Rennstrecke CIRCUIT DE CATALUNYA
Farbe der Zone: Rot

Tribüne M Motorrad GP Barcelona 2023 - Produkt-Übersicht
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